7-day Regatta in Bulgaria

  • 7 days
  • difficulty: Avansati

The regatta shall be organized at the end of the kayaking route on the Danube, and shall cover a period of 7 days, during which we shall cover a distance of about 250 km on the Danube, on the Nikopol - Silistra route.

Within the Kingdom, there shall be a 6-night accommodation, one-night accommodation at the hotel, and one night camp camping, camping campfire and stories around the fire.
We shall spend the nights at the hotel in the following cities on the King's Route:
• Svishtov
• Ruse
• Tutrakan

Camping nights shall be in the Batin and Braslen communes and in the protected natural area of ​​the Garvaski blata.
The cities through which we shall cross our shift from the Kingdom shall be: Belene, Svistov, Ruse and Tutrakan.

The Regatta shall require effort on the part of the participants, but shall reward them with the wonderful landscapes they shall discover along the Danube. On our way to Silistra, the final point of the 7-day route, we shall pass along several protected natural areas, including Komleks Aleko-Telika, which divides the Danube into two arms; the Protected Areas of Pozharevo islands from km 424 to km 423, the swamp near Malak Preslavetz village where you can admire the most beautiful species of lilies in the country. The area is the habitat of many endangered animal species, and some unique plant species grow in this area; the marshland of Garvanski; Srebarna Nature Reserve.

Touristic objectives in area

Route map