RowAdventure mobile app

For nature and adventure lovers on the Danube, we have developed a mobile application - Row Adventure - that contains interactive maps, which can be consulted anywhere, directly from the phone, to discover in real time the natural area of ​​the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border region.

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The mobile application mirrors the same information that can be found on the website about the developed tourist packages, as well as about RowAdventure project it-self.

Here you will find details about the over 30 identified routes on the Danube, which can be traveled with kayak or canoe boats, as well as about the natural and cultural tourist objectives in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area.

“RowAdventure” project, the first of its kind carried out in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border area, was born from the desire to develop a new type of tourism, located on the border between leisure tourism, ecological tourism and sports tourism.

It is addressed to nature lovers and adventure lovers on the Danube and is an invitation to discover together from kayaks and canoes the natural and cultural beauties on the shores of Romania and Bulgaria.

Through this project we offer an experimental tourist package, unique and unique, by its nature - rowing on the Danube. Through the new experimental tourist product developed, we invite you to venture on the waters of the Danube, to discover the wildlife on its canals  - through less known areas, full of history and multiculturalism, in the natural paradise where any tourist has the opportunity to escape from the daily routine, leaving behind the noise, the pollution, all the traffic congestion and urban stress.