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The Danube canals and the banks along the Danube are waiting for you to discover their unaltered charm. The offer of these lands is always new, as there is always something to be seen, to be visited or to be done, the nature reserves and parks to be discovered, exploration canals and woods to cross.

If you are looking for a unique experience of relaxation and pampering for mind and spirit, then we invite you with us to discover the story of a soul project made by young people passionate about nature and outdoor movement who have come to create the newest unforgettable package for lovers of original nature away from urban agglomerations.

We invite you to join us in what we promise to be a beautiful experience in some of the most picturesque and even wild areas in the oasis of tranquility in the heart of the Danube

Popular routes Join us in exploring the natural and cultural Danubian beauties within the itinerary prepared within the "Row Adventure" project, where you will discover with satisfaction an original and authentic destination so close to you!

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Our routes on the Danube promise to be a great entertainment resource for all adventurers, with or without experience, even for families with children or people with disabilities. Choose the route that suits you and start your adventure!

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Do you want to embark with us on a kayak adventure on the Danube? Go ahead and contact us for any information or questions, through our Facebook page or our contact details

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The adventurous excursions on the Danube will help you discover the landmarks of the great river's channels, living unique moments and being able to watch closely the nature's spectacle in all its floral and faunal splendor

Photo gallery The unique spectacle offered by the Danube River, with its picturesque landscapes, captured during kayak expeditions

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Check out the Events Calendar to find out when we will organize the next expedition where the Adventure on the Danube will take place, for how many days and how much difficulty the route will be going to Adventure!

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