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Kayaking around the Danube islands in Bulgaria

Kayaking around the Danube islands in Bulgaria

Explore the pristine, tropic-like Danube islands near Ruse, Bulgaria

High, panoramic spots along the Bulgarian banks of the Danube River – those places that give a wide view across the river with all its flows, sandspits and islands – are hard to find. You can find them in just a few places, such as Nikopol, Batin (Батин) and Tutrakan. But you will understand this feeling of infinity only while kayaking along the Danube River. The vast water has its own climate, scent, and charm.

The river islands, created by natural sand silt or silted sunken ships, are countless. Near the town of Ruse (Русе) there are 10, divided into 4 bigger island groups – Batin, Lyulyaka, Aleko and Mishka. They can be reached by tourist kayaks, fishing boats, yachts, or small ships, as well as rafts (rafts are best organized in Tutrakan). The islands are the perfect nesting place for water birds, such as white and grey herons, cormorants, sea eagle. In summer, when the level of the river drops, the sand silt, which forms the islands, comes to the surface. Wide beaches of fine sand appear, creating a unique view. The next year those peculiar dunes will be somewhere else – they move and travel along this truly living river. 

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