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Image with a story to tell: Caring  for  N A T U R E

Image with a story to tell: Caring for N A T U R E

Photo of the day 📸 | Image with a story to tell ~

We love to bring in our readers`attention stories collected all over the world with meaningful messages, things that can touch the soul and the mind, but also that moves inside us the determination, the spirit of good initiatives and the willing to see and do good in the world, equally for our communities and our environment.

Today`s story is soo well told by the photo... so it needs no description, but the statements of the protagonist of the photograph shared here with you:

Rajappan (the man in the canoe, who happens to be 69-year old, also paralyzed and has been since the age of 5 because of Polio) says he doesn’t understand why people are throwing plastic into the waters...

“Somebody should remove the waste from the water… I am doing what is possible for me. If I knew to row a boat earlier. I would like to get a bigger boat of my own so that I can spend some more time, and cover more areas to collect plastic.”

©️ N. S. Rajappan – The Better India