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RowAdventure 2022 Summer Expedition Schedule

RowAdventure 2022 Summer Expedition Schedule

We are happy to announce that we are kicking off the active paddling summer on the flowing waters of the Danube!


We are starting with strength and enthusiasm the stage of preparation for this year's Danube expeditions, through our "Row Adventure" project. We will be spending this summer paddling on the flowing waters of the Danube, to explore and discover unique tourist attractions, natural and cultural, located on both shores of Romania and Bulgaria, where we will organize three expeditions in each cross-border country for adventure lovers, eager of kayaking and canoeing.


Prepared with all the necessary safety measures to carry out in maximum safety all the adventures on Danube River, we announce the season of fun paddling open, so you can discover and explore some of the most wonderful routes identified on the king river. The expeditions will take place between May and August and are intended for both beginners and the most experienced among us in water sports.

Details about the expeditions, rules of participation and registrations will be available @ the Events section -


We are waiting for you!